Top 10 Companies Leading in Industrial and Embedded Computer Solutions

The demand for rugged, reliable, and customizable computer systems is growing across various industries. Companies specializing in industrial and embedded computer solutions cater to this need with innovative hardware designed to withstand harsh environments and perform critical tasks. Here, we explore Logic Supply and nine other leading companies in this field.

1. Logic Supply (OnLogic)

Logic Supply, now known as OnLogic, provides industrial PCs, panel PCs, and IoT gateways designed for challenging environments. Their solutions are used in various industries, including manufacturing, automation, and transportation, offering robust, customizable systems tailored to specific needs.

Website: OnLogic

2. Advantech

Advantech offers a comprehensive range of embedded and industrial computing products, including embedded boards, systems, and peripherals. Their solutions are used in sectors such as healthcare, transportation, and smart cities, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Website: Advantech

3. Kontron

Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology, providing scalable solutions for industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical. Their product lineup includes motherboards, modules, and complete systems designed for seamless integration and long-term use.

Website: Kontron

4. DFI

DFI specializes in high-performance embedded motherboards and industrial computers. Their products are known for durability and reliability, making them ideal for applications in industrial automation, medical technology, and digital signage.

Website: DFI

5. Axiomtek

Axiomtek offers a broad range of embedded and industrial computers, including panel PCs, embedded boards, and system-on-modules. Their solutions are designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications, ensuring high performance and flexibility.

Website: Axiomtek

6. IEI Integration Corp.

IEI Integration Corp. provides advanced industrial and embedded computing solutions. Their product range includes embedded boards, industrial panel PCs, and network appliances, catering to industries such as healthcare, automation, and transportation.

Website: IEI Integration Corp.


AAEON is renowned for its innovative embedded and industrial computing solutions, offering products like embedded boards, AI edge systems, and rugged tablets. Their technology is used in applications ranging from smart retail to industrial automation.

Website: AAEON

8. ARBOR Technology

ARBOR Technology specializes in embedded computing solutions, providing a wide array of products including embedded boards, industrial panel PCs, and IoT devices. They serve various sectors such as transportation, healthcare, and retail.

Website: ARBOR Technology

9. WIN Enterprises

WIN Enterprises designs and manufactures embedded computing products, including motherboards, embedded systems, and network appliances. Their solutions are used in military, medical, and industrial automation applications, offering reliability and performance.

Website: WIN Enterprises


NEXCOM provides a diverse range of industrial and embedded computing solutions, including industrial PCs, IoT gateways, and network appliances. Their products are designed to support applications in smart manufacturing, healthcare, and digital signage.

Website: NEXCOM

These ten companies are at the forefront of the industrial and embedded computer solutions market, delivering cutting-edge technology that meets the rigorous demands of various industries. Each company brings unique strengths and specialized products, ensuring businesses can find the right solution to enhance their operations and drive innovation.

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