Top Courses at Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the world’s preeminent institutions for contemporary music education. Known for its rigorous curriculum, outstanding faculty, and an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, Berklee has produced some of the most influential musicians, composers, and producers in the industry. Here’s an overview of some of the top courses and programs offered at Berklee College of Music.

1. Bachelor of Music in Music Production and Engineering

Website: Berklee – Music Production and Engineering

The Music Production and Engineering (MP&E) program at Berklee is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum that blends technical skills with artistic development. Students learn the intricacies of recording, mixing, and producing music in state-of-the-art studios. The program emphasizes hands-on experience, critical listening, and understanding the music industry’s technological aspects.

2. Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring

Website: Berklee – Film Scoring

Berklee’s Film Scoring program is designed for those passionate about composing music for film, television, and other visual media. Students in this program study composition, orchestration, and the use of digital audio workstations (DAWs) for scoring. The curriculum includes collaborations with film students and opportunities to work on actual film projects, providing real-world experience.

3. Bachelor of Music in Music Business/Management

Website: Berklee – Music Business/Management

For those interested in the business side of the music industry, Berklee offers a robust Music Business/Management program. This course covers areas such as music marketing, copyright law, artist management, and entrepreneurship. Students learn how to navigate the complex landscape of the music industry and develop the skills needed to manage and promote artists effectively.

4. Bachelor of Music in Songwriting

Website: Berklee – Songwriting

The Songwriting program at Berklee nurtures students’ abilities to craft compelling and marketable songs. The curriculum focuses on lyric writing, melody creation, and harmonic development. Students also receive training in music production and performance, allowing them to bring their songs from conception to fully produced works.

5. Master of Music in Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz Concentration)

Website: Berklee – Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz)

This graduate program is tailored for advanced musicians seeking to deepen their skills in contemporary jazz performance. It offers an immersive experience with masterclasses, ensemble work, and individual instruction from some of the world’s leading jazz artists. Students engage in intensive practice, performance, and collaboration, preparing them for successful careers as professional musicians.

6. Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy

Website: Berklee – Music Therapy

Berklee’s Music Therapy program is ideal for those who wish to use music as a therapeutic tool to help individuals improve their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social abilities. The program combines music education with clinical practice, preparing students for careers in various settings, including hospitals, schools, and private practice.

7. Online Courses and Degrees

Website: Berklee Online

Berklee Online offers a wide array of courses and degree programs that can be completed remotely. This platform provides access to Berklee’s esteemed faculty and curriculum, covering areas such as music production, songwriting, music theory, and music business. The flexibility of online learning makes it accessible to students worldwide.


Berklee College of Music offers a diverse range of programs catering to various aspects of the music industry. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, producer, songwriter, or business professional, Berklee provides the education and resources necessary to excel in the competitive world of music. For more detailed information and to explore the full range of programs, visit Berklee’s official website at

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